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I've done what I promised some time at the beginning of this year. It took me a little bit more time than I expected, but the new web is finally here and I hope you gonna like it. So, what's new? Well, quite a lot of things:

  • Newer, and hopefully nicer, design, but you've probably already noticed
  • The articles in the blog are now divided into sections and should be a bit more useful and interesting
  • The web structure is completely new, some things were removed (vox populi), new ones appeared (site map, breadcrumbs navigation)
  • SEO links are now used throughout the whole site
  • I've added a section dealing with my current Ph.D studies and a section about travelling, remaining sections were rearranged

However, the biggest thing is that the whole web is now bilingual, in particular, czech and english versions are available. The language can be switched easily in the top right corner of the page. Why? Because I hope that this will help me in getting more (foreign) visitors to my page and that I will improve my english during the translation, which is never bad. Of course I am aware that this is not going to be a simple task, as I don't know any other person running web in two languages. But the future will show, if it's maintainable.

Restoring the content from the old web is going to take me a while, I suppose a week or so, so please be patient. Also the comments are not working yet. This should be also fixed in the very near future.

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