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My first mobile application is available on the App Store! It is an educational app for kids focusing on Montessori mathematics. It is available for both iPhone and iPad:…id1234270845

Montessori Mathematics Montessori Mathematics Montessori Mathematics
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Sun, hay, Šumava

A new photogallery from this year's cyclo trip has been added: Šumava '11. Besides others, it contains a few photos from Boubínský prales, Plešné jezero, Hoštice (the city where movie series Slunce, seno was shot), Donau cycle path near Engelhartszell city and also from canoeing on Vltava in the national park Šumava.

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DGCI 2011 - Nancy

And another conference photos, this time from DGCI 2011 – 16th IAPR International Conference on Discrete Geometry for Computer Imagery:

DGCI 2011 – Nancy DGCI 2011 – Nancy DGCI 2011 – Nancy

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Skiing 2011 - Janské Lázně

After this year's skiing I once again have to recommend – the ski resort Janské Lázně for its unrivalled quality (within the scope of Czech Rep) and especially the accomodation in hotel Večernice for its willing and unbeliavably entertaining staff ;-)

Skiing 2011 – Janské Lázně Skiing 2011 – Janské Lázně Skiing 2011 – Janské Lázně

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iPhone SMS export

Here you can download a small app developed by myself that is able to extract the list of SMS from the backup of your iPhone created using iTunes and export it in a form of a text file. The required steps are the following:

  • Download the application (see below) and extract the archive
  • Connect your iPhone to the PC, run iTunes and sync your phone or create a backup
  • Start the application using iPhoneSmsExpor­t.exe

If everything goes well you will see a message saying “Export successful” and a sms.txt file will appear in the same folder, containing the list of your sent and received messages sorted by the phone number and time. If several iTunes backups are found in the computer you will be asked which one to export.



  • The program is provided free of charge and comes without any warranty.
  • Supported operating systems are Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Windows XP are not supported (although this would require only a minor change). The application has been tested on Windows 7.
  • iMessage messages are partially supported (excluding group chat)
  • Only textual part is extracted from MMS.
  • The output file is in UTF-8 encoding (important for correct character display, e.g. diacritic).
  • The columns in the output file are tab separated which makes it easy to import the file into Excel or Calc.
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Again something new on YouTube

Fresh material from my YouTube channel.

Charlie Straight – Your House

Stevie B – Because I Love You

Petr Hapka – Dívám se, dívám

Elton John – Can You Feel The Love Tonight

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