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Duel 6 Reloaded promotes to version 3.8.11

Translation coming soon.

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Summary of the last year and plans for the current year

Translation coming soon.

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Hockey match between MU and VUT

The last photo report is from an event, that took place this wednesday and it was an unconventional hockey match between the Masaryk University and the Brno University of Technology in Rondo. Those who stayed at home made a great mistake and missed a great and cheap entertainment. Regarding the result, the match ended up 7:7 after the regular time and continued with a penalty shoot-out with Masaryk University beating the opponent 3:1, to my big pleasure :-)

The photos follow:

Hockey match between MU and VUT Hockey match between MU and VUT Hockey match between MU and VUT

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t-music Kryštof tour

Another bunch of photos, this time from a concert of the band Kryštof in Brno from the t-music Kryštof tour across czech high schools and universities. In Brno the concert took place in the atrium of Faculty of social studies:

t-music Kryštof tour t-music Kryštof tour t-music Kryštof tour

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Fixed binaries - Duel 6, The Mouse

If you downloaded one of the mentioned games recently (this year), it is possible, that you saw the following error message during the application startup:

The application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix the problem.

or a similar one and that the application refused to run. I'm not going to explain what the problem was, but it should be fixed by now.

You can download the fixed binaries here:

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A Crisis of Global Statism

Original source Pierre Lemieux – Ludwig von Mises Institute

The current financial turmoil is a “crisis of capitalism,” said a spokesman for Britain's Socialist Workers Party, as good Marxists have been repeating for more than a century. “[A]n unregulated financial system is a disaster,” echoed Sheila Rowbotham, professor of gender and labor history at Manchester University. Added a leftist London mayoral candidate, “Capitalism has had its chance and failed; now it's socialis­m's turn.”

I wonder what they have been smoking.

Remember that the financial crisis opened last year with the meltdown of the American subprime mortgage market. At that time, half of the residential mortgages in the United States were already held or guaranteed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, two so-called “government sponsored enterprises” (GSE). Over the past year, the two GSEs have financed four out of five mortgages. Fannie Mae was created in the wake of the Great Depression by Franklin D. Roosevelt; Freddie Mac by Congress in 1970. Private investors happily bought securities issued by the two GSEs because they knew the federal government would never let these companies fail — which proved true last week when they were entirely taken over by Washington. Before the crisis started, the American mortgage market was a paragon of socialism, unparalleled in any other Western country.

The 1997 Community Reinvestment Act, which prevents mortgage lenders from “discriminating” against minority applicants, did not help sound financial decisions. At every turn of a financial decision, some regulator is lurking.

The American financial system is tightly regulated. Created in 1934, the powerful Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) enforces regulations on all kinds of financial transactions, from registration of securities to disclosure of corporate information. The 2002 Sarbanes-Oxley Act further extended the intervention domain of the SEC. The US Department of Justice prosecutes CEOs and entrepreneurs, and the convicted targets are often given long jail sentences. On Thursday, the New York attorney general — a would-be Eliot Spitzer or Patrick Fitzgerald — announced that he has started a “wide-ranging investigation into short selling in the financial market.”

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