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Melancholic update on the YouTube

I have added few new videos to my YouTube channel. This is for instance a Queen song Love of My Life:

if you wish to see more, proceed here

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Rychlé šípy in hundred ways

Well, not hundred, only two, but definitely worth mentioning:

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Recovering old tapes

During a recent cleanup of my room I found some old cassettes containing applications for ZX Spectrum, that we owned in the past and on which I started learning to program. And because there were few of my and father's inte­resting applications, that I didn't want to loose, I decided to convert them to digital files, to make it possible to archive them and eventualy run them in an emulator on the PC. I have done it once already, it's not so hard. If you are interested, here's a short guide how to do it.

The cassettes looked like this:


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Přistoupili/y jízdenky prosím

This is a sentence I hear very often in a czech train. When you hear it, you are supposed to show your ticket to the ticket collector. But the problem with this sentence is, that it's a nonse and not even a correctly formed czech sentence. Hm…

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KeePassJ2ME bug fix

Everybody knows it, for your day-to-day life on the Internet it's necessary to know dozens of passwords to different sevices. It's impossible to remember them all (for standard human being) so you have a dilemma whether to use one password for more services or write the passwords down. It's obvious that both of these options possess a high security risk, but that's not what I want to write about today. I used to write the passwords down to a standard text file in the past but after I've started to use a notebook I had suddenly the passwords copied in several places (PC, notebook, mobile phone) and I came to a conclusion that this might be the time to change the way I store the passwords, so it will be more difficult to obtain the passwords for a potential thief/hacker/cu­rious person.

I made some research and decided for a specialized application that will store the passwords in an encrypted form with one master password, that I will choose sufficiently strong and keep only in my head. I searched through the Internet and ended up with the KeePass application, that has everything I need and besides that is free of charge. The application itself has many advantages, that you can find out on it's homepage, but the most important one for me is that there's also a version for the Symbian operating system, that I have in my cell phone Nokia N73. This version is called KeePassJ2ME and should run on all mobile Java enabled phones.

Well, perfect, I downloaded the software (you don't have to install it), uploaded all my passwords into the KeePass database and removed all the text files. Subsequently I copied the database to my mobile and tried to open it. But! After entering the password the only thing I got was a java.lang.Inde­xOutOfBoundsEx­ception message. Nice. Nevertheless I have already decided to use the application so I decided to fix the mobile version. I downloaded the NetBeans IDE and even though I'm not a Java guy at all (I made only a few simple apps, none of them using the mobile Java) I began to look for the bug. It took me some time to figure out how to set up the application and compile it, i.e. how to create a working .jar archive, but after that the rest was quite straightforward.

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Forbes fictional list

You probably know, that the Forbes magazine publishes annual ranking of the richest people in the world. But what you probably may not know is that also a list of fictional billionaires exists. By fictional I mean characters from movies, fairy tales, books, cartoons or television. It's called Forbes Fictional 15, and here is the current ranking:

Rank Name Net Worth ($ bil)
1 Scrooge McDuck 28.8
2 Ming the Merciless 20.9
3 Richie Rich 16.1
4 Mom (Futurama) 15.7
5 Jed Clampett 11
6 C. Montgomery Burns 8.4
7 Carter Pewterschmidt 7.2
8 Bruce Wayne 7
9 Thurston Howell, III 6.3
10 Tony Stark 6
11 Fake Steve Jobs 5.7
12 Gomez Addams 2
13 Willy Wonka 1.9
14 Lucius Malfoy 1.6
15 Princess Peach 1.3

You can find more info here and here

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