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Melancholic update on the YouTube

I have added few new videos to my YouTube channel. This is for instance a Queen song Love of My Life:

if you wish to see more, proceed here

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Dogs, dogs and dogs again

Meet our new arrivals:

Dogs Dogs Dogs Dogs
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Rychlé šípy in hundred ways

Well, not hundred, only two, but definitely worth mentioning:

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Healthy sport

This year I have finally bought a roller skates and after the first ride I have to say it's not bad. The only problem is I have a groin injury now, so the second ride will have to wait a while :-)

Brno cyklo stezka

However, bike is a different story and my cup of tea. Last week I made a small upgrade to Author Zenith '08 and even though I can not match with Radek, I must admit that there is a noticeable difference when compared to my previous bike.

Author Zenith Author Zenith

After a short trip to Punkva caves and back (about 35 km, btw I worked there) I think I will be satisfied. Here are few photos from the trip:

Punkva caves Punkva caves
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Recovering old tapes

During a recent cleanup of my room I found some old cassettes containing applications for ZX Spectrum, that we owned in the past and on which I started learning to program. And because there were few of my and father's inte­resting applications, that I didn't want to loose, I decided to convert them to digital files, to make it possible to archive them and eventualy run them in an emulator on the PC. I have done it once already, it's not so hard. If you are interested, here's a short guide how to do it.

The cassettes looked like this:


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Přistoupili/y jízdenky prosím

This is a sentence I hear very often in a czech train. When you hear it, you are supposed to show your ticket to the ticket collector. But the problem with this sentence is, that it's a nonse and not even a correctly formed czech sentence. Hm…

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